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Titolo film:       Autumn in New York - (scheda film)
Titolo Album:   Autumn in New York  
Musiche di:   GABRIEL YARED
Interprete:   Artsti vari
Anno:   2000  
Edizione:   Hollywood  
Distribuzione:   Uni

Elenco brani:
n. brano         titolo brano     nome interprete
1   Beautiful   Jennifer Page
2   Getting Some Fun Out Of Life   Madeleine Peyroux
3   Autumn In New York   Yvonne Washington
4   Our Love Never Ends   Sydney Forest
5   Charlotte And Will    
6   Autumn Forever    
7   Elegy For Charlotte    
8   Autumn In New York (opening titles)    
9   First Kiss    
10   Memories    
11   A Rude Awakening    
12   Walkijng Through The Park    
13   Lunch    
14   Thinking About Lisa    
15   Butterflies    
16   Break-Up    
17   Thinking It Over    
18   Apart    
19   Can You Let Me Love You?    
20   Searching For A Doctor    
21   Katy    
22   The Chances For Success    
23   What Can I Give You    
24   I Don't Want To Leave You    
25   First/Last Snow    
26   To The Hospital    
27   No Thing That Ever Flew    
28   The Gift    

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