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Reg.: 19 Ago 2008
Messaggi: 9
Da: caserta (CE)
Inviato: 19-08-2008 15:18  
in lingua originale. collezione completa. richiedete titoli. ordine minimo 5 dvd a euro 8.00 cadauno. spese incluse.
2003 Blood & Steel: Making of Enter the Dragon 30min

-This doc is from the 30th Anniversary E.T.D. DVD and is one of the best short docs I’ve seen to date. This doc includes 3min of the infamous Ahna Capri footage, in this footage you will see cast members including Bruce behind the scenes rehearsing as well as goofing off. It also includes HK TVB footage of Bruce breaking boards and Bruce putting on black cat suit. This doc also has a lot of rare pictures during filming of Bruce and more. This doc also includes interviews with writer Michael Allin, Tung Wei “Lao”, James Coburn, Ahna Capri, John Saxon “Roper”, producer Fred Wientrub, photographer Gil Hubbs, producer Paul Heller, Bob Wall “Oharra”, Peter Archer “Parsons”, Samo Hung, and music composer Lalo Schifrin. They talk about their personal contributions to the movie and how they got involved with the project. They also talk about their personal experiences with Bruce. They did a great job with the interviews and interacting footage as they explained the movie. This doc was co-produced and written by fellow fan and Temple of the Unknown forum visitor David “The Hip” Tadman. He made a huge contribution to the fans in this piece such as the Ahna Capri footage and more. Great Quality and sound.

*2003 Linda Lee Cadwell Interview Galllery 30min
- This is the special feature interview from the new 2 disc E.T.D. DVD. They interview Linda Lee only and she talks about the following topics:

Love And Kung Fu

Into Hollywood Through The Back Door

Bringing The Classroom To The Camera

The Real Bruce

Mental Self-Defense

Enter The Dream

Planting A Seed- Growing A Film

Setting The New Standard

Incidents On The Set

Bruce's Influence On His Family

Very interesting to hear her talk about the man, the myth, the husband and father. Great quality and sound

*-2002 The Art of Action: Martial Arts in the Movies (Encore channel) 1hour 45min

-This is the most detailed and informative documentary on Martial Arts to date. Hosted by Samuel L. Jackson, this doc starts by showing Bruce talking to the monk in E.T.D. They show all kinds of martial arts movie clips in the intro including all of Bruce’s movies. They mention Bruce as one of the major influences then they have a long Bruce Lee segment later in the show that lasts about 12 minutes. All the greats talk about Bruce and explain how he changed the martial arts genre. I really like this documentary due to the way it was so well made. They really did their homework and go in depth to show you the origins of the Peking Opera and how it started from there. They also talk about Bruce through out the doc in the beginning, middle and it ends with them asking the martial artists what does “Martial Arts” mean to you and the last interview is Bruce explaining what it means to him from the Pierre Berton show. It also features the work of Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, the Shaw bro’s era and Golden Harvest beginnings with Raymond Chow. This is defiantly one of the best docs on Martial Arts. Great quality and sound

-2002 Bruce Lee: The man & his legacy 48 min

-This title was produced by Budo International in November 2002. Interviews and comments by: Cass Magda, Ted Wong, Burton Richardson, Mike Anderson, Joe Lewis, Tim Tackett, Ralph Castro, John Pellegrini, Bob Dubljanin, Hirokazu Kanazawa, Réné Latosa, Hiroo Mochizuki, Leung Ting, Richard Norton. Quality and Sound very good.

2004 Dragon since 1973 HK doc 126min by Deltamac

- This one of the most recent docs out from HK, but doesn’t live up to it’s name. It could have been better made although it does give us some great interviews such as:

Shek Kin (Han from E.T.D), Bee Chan, Jin Di, Pang Him, Li Kung, Ko Chui, Alex To, Shannon Ma, Chaplin chang, and others. Most of the people interviewed came out with Bruce in his movies. Just wish they would have shown more footage and less talking. Quality and sound are great.

‘99 Century Hero HK doc 85min

-This doc is all in Chinese does have subtitles and interviews all kinds of people involved in Bruce’s life or films. Bruce Lee had deep influenec on kung-fu movies, art of fight and even social culture. This film is directed by a historian of Bruce Lee. Audience can experience the childhood of Bruce Lee in Hong Kong and different historic view sites. This film also records different gratitude expressions of Bruce Lee fans all over the world.during the past twenty years. These include Bruce Lee's imitators, Tai Kuen Dao boxers, Bruce Lee's souvenir custodians and Bruce Lee's toy designers. Many rare valuables of Bruce Lee are presented in this film. Great quality and sound.

’02 Forever Hero: Bruce Lee 60min

-This is rare documentary about Bruce Lee through the interviews with his brother, his best friends students, and Ed Parker Jr. They also interview Jeff Chin one of the biggest collectors of Bruce Lee memorabilia. He shows his grand collection and one of a kind items. This doc also includes footage of Bruce Lee's performance at Long Beach. It has the clearest footage I’ve seen of this. Also show the rare home workout footage in his back yard and chi sao practice. Quality and sound are great.

*-2002 The Legend Lives On UK documentary 70min by Orbital Media

-This video looks at the influence of Bruce’s physical expression in the discipline of JKD and his profound philosophical insights, still felt years after his death. Has interviews with Robert Lee, Brother Henry (his teacher in la salle school), Taky, Friends and students: Chris Sato, Herb Jackson, Roy Hollingsworth, Richard Bustillo, Bob Breemer, James Coburn, Gene Lebell, Co stars: Van Williams, Wende Wagner (from Green Hornet), Barbara Anderson (from Ironside), Joel Rogoson (producer from longstreet), Peter Mark Richman (costart from longstreet) , Robert Chau (producer of HK TVB), Russel Cawthorne, Jackie Chan, Co-stars from W.o.T.D: Jon Benn, Cyril Durrup, Anders Nelson, Charles Wang, Bob Wall. Paul Heller, and Brandon Lee interview from the UK. They all talk a lot about his early days and their individual experiences with him.This doc is very informative and insightful. Quality and sounds very good

*-2001 Legacy of the Dragon UK documentary 50Min by Medusa

-This is a very well done doc and is from the Game of Death 30th Anniversary Platinum Edition DVD. It shows very clear long beach footage of Bruce doing one-inch punch and 2-fingered push-ups. Has footage of the HKTVB one inch punch has interviews with Taky George Lazenby, Russell Cawthorne, Dan Inosanto, Joe Lewis It does show a lot of rare pics, This talks a lot about his death and goes on to talk about the Game of Death unused footage for the 78' version of Game of Death and interview Samo Hung. They then go into how the lost footage was found to make Bruce's vision of Game of Death in a segment called "Dragon Reborn". Great quality and sound

*-2002 Bruce Lee: Immortal Dragon Passport Entertainment/Productions 50min UK doc

-This is not the same as the US version. This authorized biography of Bruce Lee is the most comprehensive and well rounded to date. With great attention to detail, this documentary uses rare home movies, action-packed film clips, behind the scenes footage, screen tests and photographs from the Lee family archives to tell the remarkable life story of Bruce Lee and his tremendous success an unparalleled martial artist as well as an international film celebrity. Includes interviews with Lee's family members, co-stars, business partners and students.


“Bonus doc from Immortal Dragon UK DVD”

- This world exclusive feature takes you on a guided tour of the lee family. Includes rare, never before seen Lee family photographs and home movies, in depth interviews with Linda Lee Cadwell, Shannon Lee Keasler, Robert Lee, James Coburn, Taky Kimura, clips from TV and film appearances and much more. Highlights include Bruce demonstrating martial arts action on Hong Kong TV and rare 8 mm footage at Long Beach tournaments. Unique footage of Brandon Lee in Rapid Fire and photo shoot. Great quality and sound.

*-'97 what are you gonna do, Sai Fung? 58min

-This is a great bio/short movie on Bruce from his early years in HK. It takes place in his teen days and shows you the type of training he did with Yip Man (played by his real son), such as training on the Wing Chung Dummy. There is one really intense moment where he goes to see Yip and works out on the wooden dummy and does some super fast moves on it. Then goes on to practice Chi Sao with Yip and Yip teaches him a lesson. They also show the fights he got into and peer pressure. This movie is all in Cantonese but does have English subs. They show all the way up to the day he left to San Francisco in '59 and they show you quick his success in his movies. They also show his progression as a martial artist and how he starts to evolve into JKD. They also show the actor in the roles of Big Boss, F.o.F, and Game of Death with yellow tracksuit on. It ends with an interview sort of like the Berton interview but never showing Bruce’s Face explaining his philosophy on martial arts. When they finally show his face it’s the Right Action co. animated Bruce Lee face. It is a great bio movie over all that actually has good actors and very good camera work. The musical score was used in a dynamic way. Very good quality and sound.



*-’01 Bruce Lee “A Warrior’s Journey” 1hour 39min

- .It starts off with a long biography on the life and accomplishments of Bruce. Then goes on to explain in detail the making of Game of Death they show some outtakes and bloopers of G.o.D to show that they were having fun on the set. It talks about the true intentions that Bruce had for the movie. They do show some reenactments of the original story. Such as Bruce’s family getting kidnapped (they show a look-alike, but, only a behind shot of him). Also they show all the characters arriving to the pagoda wearing their uniforms (again they just use look-alike people and only show them from behind and from a distance). It also mentions the true meaning behind Game of Death, such as being able to adapt to the different styles and having no style. This video shows all kinds of rare and unseen footage and audio on Bruce. Including Kareem’s red lizard eyes, complete dialogue between all the characters in the movie, and it shows what Bruce does after Kareem’s level. They play some audio of Bruce reading out loud to himself an article that a sports magazine did on him and 3 of his students (Joe Lewis, Chuck Norris, & Mike Stone). They did a very good job on the soundtrack for the fight scenes. They also used some of the sounds from some of Bruce’s movies such as E.T.D, Fists of Fury, and even from the ’78 version of G.o.D. They mainly used the sounds from past movies for Bruce’s yells and war cries. The actual mini Game of Death movie is about 35min of edited footage with no bloopers, double takes or alternate angles and all shot in Widescreen. This video will not be released officially till later this year but, I was fortunate to get a copy of it. The video that will be released later this year and might have less footage than this one. Quality and sound are great.

*- ’01 Bruce Lee in G.o.D Japanese Artport Video 1hour 30min

-This video is the Japanese version of Game of Death made by Yuri and Artport productions. It has more footage shown than A Warrior’s Journey. It has more outtakes at the end of the movie. This video was taken directly from the movie theater in Japan. It was shot with a video camera. Quality and sound is pretty good.


-This same video as above except it came out in 2003 and it says “SPECIAL EDITION”. It’s narrated by Yuen Biao and is pretty much the same footage as the one before; it does have A LOT OF different Game of Death out takes at the end of the movie and they left in some fight scenes cut from the first edition. The music is much better in this one too. Very good quality and sound.

*-'98 Bruce Lee "The Intercepting Fist" part 2 55min

- This is another great doc by Walt Missingham and shows some rare footage from G.o.D and has clips from all the 4 Longstreet episodes. Talks to people never interviewed before. Pretty good quality & sound. This video had to be converted from PAL to NTSC. total length 55 min

*-'94 Bruce Lee's "Jeet Kune Do" part 1 56min

- This is the first part of the one above by Walt Missingham and it is really a great video because it is narrated by Bruce himself. They took clips from his backyard workouts w/Coburn and other clips and made it look like he is narrating the video and showing you JKD. Great quality & sound, with a lot of rare footage.

*-'98 Path of the Dragon 60min Narrated by Shannon Lee

- This doc is also by Walt Missingham but is very different to the others because not only is it a Bruce Lee doc. But, it also talks about the history of Kung Fu and talks to some of Bruce's original students. Such as Taky Kimura. He actually talks about his profound experience of what it was like for him to live in America and to be non-American. He goes to say that he never had any confidence and felt like an old man. Until he met Bruce and how he changed his life. It is a very touching segment. This doc had to be converted from PAL format to NTSC format so we can see it here in the US. Quality is pretty good and sound is great.

-'97 Immortal Dragon 50min

- This is the last of the 3 doc's that A&E made on Bruce Lee. It has great info and really informative and, does show some very good footage from the Longbeach demo that Bruce gave. Quality and sound of this video are great. total length 50min

-'94 Curse of the Dragon 90min

- This is the second bio made by A&E and does shows interviews with a lot of Bruce's students like Kareem, Coburn ect.. It also shows different opinions on Bruce's death.

Great quality and sound. total length 90min

*-’77 Bruce Lee “The Legend” 91min

- This doc was put out by Raymond Chow and Media Asia. This version is very hard to find and pretty much was the first major documentary on Bruce. It’s very complete on it’s info and gives great detail on his life. What makes this doc rare is that it has more footage on the Game of Death credits & out takes than the 84 version. During the doc they talk about out takes from Game of Death and they show 2 minutes & 12 seconds worth of footage. Then at the end of the documentary during the credits they play the out takes with the clap board scenes that run 3 minutes & 24 seconds. Great quality and sound.

-'84 Bruce Lee "The Legend" 89min

- This is pretty much the same doc as the above one but has less footage on Game of Death. It has 2min & 2 seconds on the out takes portion and has 1 minute & 38 seconds worth of footage at the ending credits section. Great Quality and sound.

*-'73 Bruce Lee "The Man &The Legend" 82min

- This is the first doc made by Raymond Chow and Media Asia right after Bruce's death. They show footage of the inside of his house and also show missing scenes from G.o.D. This is a hard doc to get and really informative. Great quality and sound.

*-'98 Bruce Lee "In His Own Words" from E.T.D 25th anniversary 20min

- This doc is taken from the 25th annv. of E.T.D by John Little. It was made also look like if Bruce is talking to you and showing you in his own words his way of life and martial arts. Great quality and sound.

*-'93 Martial Arts Master 70min

- This doc is very hard to find and they interview a lot of different people such as Jackie Chan, and Bolo Yeung and others. Richard Bustillo shows a device that they practiced the one-inch punch on. Also shows some other training equipment that Bruce used. Great quality and sound.

-'00 Fist to Fist (cool clip of Bruce & Jackie fighting,(made digitally)

- This is basically a part two to the comparison between Bruce & Jackie but, does include two clips digitally made with computers to make it look like Bruce & Jackie are fighting together. Quality and sound are very good. total length 50min

-'98 Face to Face (Bruce & Jackie fighting style comparison) 50min

-This is just a comparison between the fighting styles of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. It just shows a lot of clips from some of both their movies while being narrated. Quality and sound are very good.

*-'95 Death by Misadventure 91min

- This is a great doc made by George Tan and shows a totally different view on the death of Bruce’s life and death. They interview the actual doctors that where they’re when Bruce died and that examined him. They also show footage from the TVB demo that Bruce did in HK. And also shows pics of his swollen head in the hospital. This doc goes on to also talk about Brandon Lee as well. Quality and sound is very good.

-'96 Cinema of Vengeance 90min

- This doc made by Toby Russell and George Tan. Cinema of Vengeance is great, it's jam packed with action. If you like action movies with kung fu you should see this documentary. Not only does it deal with martial artists like Bruce Lee and Jackie but the gangster shoot 'em up movies by John Woo. It has an exclusive interview with Bruce Lee having him explain Kung Fu. And it is basically a tribute to all the great martial artist like Bruce, Jackie, Van Damme, Jet Li, and others. But, it does interview Leo Fong one of Bruce's original students. Quality and sound are great.

-'97 Top Fighter 100min

- This is another doc by Toby Russell and George Tan. And it is also basically a comparison of a lot of the martial artists out there. Oh, and a hilarious trailer for a Bolo Yeung film called "Chinese Hercules”. Pretty generic martial arts documentary, some obscure names though. The most worthwhile thing about this, though, is the listing of little-known fighters, some of whom really deserve greater stardom. Also they show more footage of the Leo Fong interview and some other Bruce Lee students. Quality and sound are great.

-'78 The Warrior Within 85min

- This doc is a tribute to Bruce Lee and they interview a lot of the people that knew him. Like Chuck Norris, Mike Stone, and others. They do show some memorabilia and Robert Lee does play some songs and the Ballad of Bruce Lee song. Quality and sound are very good.

*-'79 Bruce Lee the Man & the Myth 92min

- This movie is based on Bruce's life and they get Bruce Li (who else) to double as Bruce. This is also known as “Behind Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee: The True Story, The Dragon Lives (1978)” I actually like this one better than "Dragon the Bruce Lee story". Because they at least attempt to tell some of the truth and go more into his workout techniques and show some of his conflicts with Chow and Lo Wei. They also got Unicorn Chan to be in the movie to add more of a realistic feel to it. Quality and sound is great.

-'80 The Real Bruce Lee 108min

- This doc is two parts in one. It has a short documentary on Bruce in the first part and shows clips from his childhood movies and some of the press conference for the "Unicorn Fist" movie. Then it has a full-length movie by Dragon Lee. Quality and sound is pretty good.

-'80 Fist of Fear touch of Death (a.k.a. Dragon & the Cobra) 83min

- This has to be the worst wannabe documentary on Bruce I have ever seen. First of all they get Fred Williamson to be in the movie? Then try to say that they are interviewing Bruce behind the scenes and it is actually clips from Longstreet dubbed over and in black & white. Then Adrian Marshall comes out saying that he can't talk about Bruce's death and then leaves. (To make it seem like he knows something but hiding it). They also get Bill Louie to act as Bruce in the Kato part but, the whole time he has a mustache? It is really stupid but, as a collector I still have it. Quality and sound are very good.

-'95 Bruce Lee & Kung Fu Mania 85min

- This is video is mostly clips of a lot of other martial artist and shows clips from Bruce's movies. It is just another video putting Bruce's name and face on the cover so collectors will buy it. Quality and sound is great.

-'86 The Deadliest Art (a.k.a The Best of Martial Arts Films) 90min

-The Deadliest Art is a compilation-documentary hosted and narrated by actor John Saxon ("Enter the Dragon") and it skips to the phat parts of martial arts movies with reasonable historical effort. It points out how skilled Jackie Chan really is at his craft, rather than just being a stuntman. It also spotlights other Asian performers such as Sho Kosugi and of course, Bruce Lee, as well as non-Asian performers from Cynthia Rothrock to Chuck Norris. Several unknowns are highlighted but the main reason is just to give props to the choreographers of these films. Unfortunately, Jean Claude Van Scam and Lee Van Cleef are also given attention; a minor blemish in an otherwise excellent movie. It's highly entertaining, with prolific and educational content and gives you a real sense of the world of martial arts on film. Great quality and sound.

*-'97 The Secret of the Warriors Power (3 segments on Bruce)"On the Inside" TV show 50min

- This doc came out on a Discovery Channel on a series called “On the Inside” TV show. And it is more of a bio on Kung Fu to show where it all began. But, does begin with a quote of Bruce and a clip and it has two other segments on him. Very informative and explains in detail everything about Kung Fu. Great quality and sound.

-'97 Way of the Little Dragon 70min

- On this doc they show a lot of footage of Bruce's early movies from he was a child. They also show interviews with Jim Kelly, Bob Baker and John Saxon from "Tracking the Dragon". Quality and sound is very good.

*-’90 Tracking the Dragon 90min

- This video was sold only at the exclusive convention held to honor Bruce Lee in London.

George Tan brought to the public John Saxon, Bob Baker, and Howard Williams for the fans to ask them questions. This video had to be converted from PAL (UK format) into NTSC format to be viewed in the US. Pretty good quality and very good sound. Total length 90min

-1995 Tracking the dragon 2 1995 Shannon lee convention 50min by Martial Club

-This is the second part to the original Tracking the dragon back in 1990. This was held on 7.29.1995 This time they only interview Shannon and of course ask her all kinds of questions. Pretty good interview and very good quality and sound

Straight to TV Documentary's not sold officially on video

*-'99 Famous Families "The Lee's" 50min Fox Family Channel

- This doc aired on 10.31.99 on TV. It not only talks about Bruce but, about all the Lee family and what they are doing now. It also shows footage from the Lee family archives. They interview John Little and some of the other nucleus members. No new footage to get excited about but, still very informative. Quality and sound are great.

*-'99 The Greatest "Bruce Lee" 50min TLC Channel

- This doc is very good and informative they mostly talk to Linda Lee as she explains how Bruce liked Bob Wall and how he could really make a hit look real. Shows interviews with Joe Lewis and others as well. Very good quality but, sound is good.

-'00 Bruce Lee "Mysteries & Scandals" 25min E TV channel

- This is also one of the latest doc's on Bruce. Hosted by A.J Benza but, they did a poor job on getting the time line correct and some of the captions under the people correct. But, it did show some rare footage of Bruce doing a Wing Chun form in the basement. Quality and sound is great.

*-'93 Biography “Bruce Lee” (only aired once) A&E's 1st bio 60min

- This is the first of the 3 A&E bio's made on Bruce but, this one was aired only once due to copyright laws. They did not secure all the rights on the footage that they showed so they never showed it again. It did show some rare footage of Bruce doing his famous side kick on the HK TVB show and also doing the one inch punch this footage is very clear. I personally call it “the one & only”. This one is really hard to get. Quality and sound is very good.

-'94 Tale of the Dragon (UK Version) 60min UK TV channel 4

- This doc was aired during a Bruce Lee weekend in the UK TV channel 4. They interview people such as Dan Lee, Taky and others it is really good overall and hard to find. It had to be converted from PAL format to NTSC so it can be seen in the US. Quality is good and sound is great.

-’01 Bravo “Profiles” (Tale of the Dragon) US version Bravo channel 60min

- This is pretty much the same exact bio as the one above. The difference is that it aired for the first time on 01.03.01 in the US and the format of the show is different but, the footage and interviews are the same. It has Dan lee, Linda Lee, Shannon Lee, Taky Kimura, Doug Palmer, Fred Wientraub, Raymond Chow, Peter Chin and Tony Liu. This video was recorded directly from TV. This tape is much better than the UK one that I have. Great quality and sound.

*-‘00 The Tale of the Dragon by David Tadman HK 90min

- This is the newest doc on Bruce Lee’s life & death. This video was written and produced by my friend David Tadman. This documentary is all in Cantonese but, interviews people such as, George Lee 84 years old (who made most of Bruce’s training equipment), Allen Joe 77 years old (who introduced Bruce to weightlifting), Dan Inosanto 63 years old, Robert Lee and his son Clarence Lee. This video shows footage from the HK TVB Demo that Bruce gave in HK but, in a very clean picture like never seen before. Also shows some backyard footage of Bruce working out. And also shows footage of the Longbeach tournament. Quality and sound are great.

*-'93 Legend of a Fighter UK doc 85min

- This is a very good doc it has a lot of great footage on Bruce and interviews with people such as James Demile (he shows pics of him working out with Bruce in back yard and shows where they first used to practice under a building, in the parking lot, and the Ruby chow restaurant). Chuck Norris (talks about when him & Bruce first met and how they became good friends and started training together and how that led to the fight scene on W.O.T.D). This tape also shows some really cool TV spots that where used to promote the Green Hornet movie called Fury of the Dragon where they promote Bruce Lee as Kato and really don't even mention anyone else. And also shows the Ironside episode clip of Bruce and the full clips of Bruce in Marlowe. Jerry Poteet has a part in this doc and shows a JKD demonstration and talks about how Bruce would train them till they were exhausted. This also shows footage of Bruce and Taky working out and also shows the interviews from Tracking w/ Bob Baker & John Saxon. Great sound and quality.

*-'96 Immortal Masters (Taky & Bruce at longbeach int.) 24min UK TV

- This documentary is very cool because it only shows the best of the best of Martial Arts and

the original people that pretty much started it all. Such as Bruce Lee, Ed Parker, Joe Lewis, Chuck, Bill Wallace, and others. In the section where they talk about Bruce. They show about a 3 minute clip from the Longbeach footage on Bruce and Taky doing Sticky hands (Bruce is actually Blind folded). I know what you are thinking...I have seen that footage on other doc's. Well, I don't think so. This is a different angle, and a very clean picture and close up. Quality is very good and sound is great.

*-'78 Bruce Lee's Death all in Chinese 38min HK TV

- This video is all in Chinese and includes interviews with, Raymond Chow, Lo Wei (he cries), Little Unicorn, Nora Maio, Mr. Big Boss him self for the movie Big boss, and others. I will soon be getting this video translated on paper. It also includes a lot of footage from the Hong Kong funeral and when they are loading Bruce Lee's coffin on the airplane to go to America.

- '98 "Bruce is Back" 4 day tour of HK 95min

-This video was done by some fans "Kinx Nippon Tourist Co LTD". They basically took their camera and video taped all the places where Bruce lived and went to school in HK. They also show the Bruce Lee day event that took place in HK during their 4 days there July 18, 19, 20, 21. The Bruce Lee Day event was done by Media Asia and Bey Logan. He had people interview Henry Wong, and Jon Benn on the stage. They also show the HK Bruce Lee Cafe by Jon Benn and show the collectibles there. Very good quality and sound

*-'91 Bruce Lee 3hour documentary (English) 159min

- This is a great documentary and the most detailed I have ever seen. It goes from the beginning of his life to his death. It has just about every clip on Bruce from all the TV appearances including, Ironside, Longstreet, Marlowe, Green Hornet, Batman crossover episode, HK TVB, Longbeach, Press conference and also has home videos footage such as Bruce with Taky in basement. This doc even talks about the appearance on the movie "Unicorn Fist a.k.a. Bruce & I" and then shows about 8 seconds of that footage. This doc is also jam packed with footage of Bruce's movies including, Game of Death , Way of the Dragon, Big Boss, Fist of Fury, E.T.D and childhood movies. Also has rare interviews and more. This is a great video to have very hard to find. Quality is good and sound is very good.

BL specials/interviews on TV Shows that didn't sell on home video

-2006 Japanese TV special- TOKI NO TABIBTO 60 min not for sale

-This documentary is jam packed with great interviews such as John Saxon, Jesse Glover, Dan Inosanto, Chaplin Chan, Robert Lee, Taki Kimura, Dylan Mayer, Andy Kimura, and Yip Man’s son. This is made by a fan but done very professionally he would go to the sites where ETD was filmed. He then went to train with Taki at his location, and with Dan Inosanto at his Academy. It’s mostly in Japanese but interviews are in English. Very informative and Great Quality.

‘1991 World of Bruce Lee Museum Tour by Martial Club 2 hours

-This video was taken in London it was hosted by Chris Alexis and special guests include Norman Borine and Richard Salvatore. In this video Norman talks about how he created the World of Bruce Lee museum and it’s roots. He shares his personal experiences with Bruce Lee’s family such as Grace Lee and Robert Lee. He also talks about how he friends, associates, students and family of Bruce gave him a lot of the items he has. It’s pretty cool to see all the items he has on display including the infamous “Death/Life Mask” and how it was found. Mr. Salvatore whom is a movie and tv show producer shares his experiences of when he met Bruce and how he worked with Brandon. Very informative video and a lot of rare pics. pretty good quality and sound.

’03 VH1’s “200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons” 2min 45sec

- Hosted by Kristen Davis, she mentions how he stunned Hollywood with his amazing kung fu moves. This is a cool TV series that the VH1 music network did on Pop Culture Icons. They had “ Bruce Lee: The Martial Arts Expert And Star” as number 141 see pic click here. Interviews include: Ziggy Marley, Mekhi Phifer, and William Shatner. They talk about his influence on films and to them. Also shown is footage from E.T.D, Green Hornet, and they talk about how he started as Kato, mention about how he was involved with gangs in HK, very cool graphics with footage and music. Great Quality and sound.

-’04 E! channel “101 Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment, Part 2” 3min long

- This is a show on all shocking moments and Brandon is rated number 72. In this portion of this show they talk about Brandon Lee and this death. They show interviews with the nurse that admitted him, Dr. Warren Mcmurray, movie critic Richard Roper, and Steven Segal. They talk about how his death was similar to Bruce's and Steven Segal mentions how he feels someone was after him. Great quality and sound

-2003 VH1's I love the 70's 3min
- In this portion of this long series they talk about Bruce Lee and Kareem Abdul Jabar in the 1972 segment. They show footage from Game of Death. They interview Flex Alexander, Rob Zombie, Mo Rocca, Hal Sparks, Stewart Scott, Michael Allen Black, Ellen Cleghorn, Luis Guzman, Black Though & Quest Love, they all talk about how influenced they where by watching Bruce's movies and how they made nunchucks from broken broom handles, and took martial arts. One rapper mentions how he started watching Kareem paying basketball just because of it and shows footage of Kareem playing basketball with the Bucks. Great quality and sound.

-’04 CNN's review on ETD DVD 1min 20 seconds

-This is a short segment on the CNN news channel where they gave a review on the new Enter the Dragon DVD. They mention how E.T.D made a hero out of a chop socky film star. mention how much better the sounds and color is on this DVD is than the others out there and show mention the Pierre Berton footage and show a clip. great quality and sound Pretty cool to hear what they say. Great Quality and sound.

-’04 AMC's intros to Bruce Lee movies in July 2min

- These are promotional commercials displaying movies to show in July on the American Movie Classics channel. The mention how the month of July will be showing Bruce Lee movies and intro E.T.D, as well as other movies of his. Very cool art graphics mixed with footage and music with sound effects. Pretty cool to have great quality and sound

*-1998 “the Big Breakfast” UK morning TV show 13min

In this morning TV show they interview Shannon Lee and they ask her about her childhood with her dad and brother. They ask her how she is involved with Tekken 3 and her current movies, They also talk about facts on Bruce such as the one inch punch, movies and abilities. Over all a pretty good interview. quality and sound are good,

*-'02 TV shows "The Score” Trio Channel 60min

-This TV show is based on the background music heard in movies also known as "Scores".

In this episode they interview Lalo Schifrin music composer of Enter the Dragon. They also have

Bret Ratner director of "Rush Hour 1 and 2" He goes to explain how much he loved Enter the Dragon's score, which is why he had to get Lalo to do the score for the Rush Hour movies. They talk often about E.T.D and show clips from the movie. This is a very insightful episode on movie scores and how they are essential to movies. Very good quality and sound.

*-Bruce Lee's nunchaku "Ever Defeating" on BBC choice 10min

-A very cool special on nothing but nunchucks and how Bruce used them interviews with, Bey Logan, Jon Benn, Willard Wigan (micro sculptor), Will Johnston, Anthony Carpio (stuntman), Pete Johnson, They also talk to some Bruce Lee fans. They also talk about how in the UK all nunchuck scenes were cut out and banned. They show clips from all of his movies and talked about how great Bruce was with them. They visit Golden Harvest Studios. Very cool mini doc to have. Good quality and sound.

-I love 1973 on BBC 18.35min

-This is a corky and funny clip with some interviews with fans and martial artists. They interview Frank Bruno, they talk about the explosion of Bruce lee and how he was in all the magazines they talk to Felix Denis creator of Kung Fu Monthly magazine. They talk to the original members of the Bruce Lee Fan club in the UK. They talk about the Kung Fu series. Also interview Chuck Norris, Bey Logan, Raymond Chow, Russel Cawthorne, Cynthia Rothrock. Bey Logan visits the sites shown in E.T.D from HK such as the harbor, the tennis courts, and final fight scene area. He explains the big "challenge" fight between Bruce and the extra. Interviews also with Alex Ben block, Ice Tea, Fred Wientrub, This is a really cool mini doc quality and sound is very good.

-1993 Only the Good Die Young 5min by Greg Probert

-Fan made mini doc just shows footage of Bruce in movies and has captions while showing his funeral scenes from Hong Kong and US. Pretty neat clip to have good quality and sound. Made June 26th 1993 5min

-2001 Japanese Fan (Motion) dressed in G.o.D suit at real pagoda in Korea 8min

-This is a fellow fan and collector friend of mine. He goes to the real pagoda Bruce was going to us as his backdrop for his version of Game of Death. In this video my friend (goes by the name Motion) is fully dressed in the G.o.D suit with shoes, bracelet and full battle/bruise make up and films himself staggering down the entrance of the pagoda in the way Bruce was walking down the stairs in the outtakes from "the legend". He really does a great job in imitating Bruce coming down the stairs of the Pagoda. It's cool to imagine what Bruce would have looked like coming out of the pagoda. And after seeing Motion coming out all beat up and worn out it really would have been something if that footage was shot. He does the "exiting the pagoda" about 4 times and then continues to talk to his friends outside the Pagoda while the camera man zooms in and shows the great detail of his suit and foot print on his chest and very detailed facial bruising. Great quality and sound

-1994 "On the Air M10" 20th Ann. Japanese Radio/TV show special on Bruce 13min

-This is a radio show that also goes on air kind of like the Howard Stern show. The hosts go on to show footage of all his movies while playing the theme of "Dragon the Bruce Lee Story" in the intro. This was clearly made during the time of the movie and show clips of "Dragon". They have an audience participation segment where they ask them questions about Bruce. From there they show clips of his childhood movies and go into a mini bio segment. Quality and sound is pretty good.

-'80 Enjoy Yourself Tonight (HK TV)(Bruce Lee/Jakie Chan Special)83min

- This special is all in Chinese language and compares Bruce's movies and Jackie’s movies. It shows pictures of Bruce as a child in his movies and they interview Bruce's La Salle school teacher and one of his martial arts instructors not Yip Man. They show the HK TVB footage of Bruce doing his one inch punch and breaking the 5 loose hanging boards with a side kick. They show footage of his home in Hong Kong inside and out. They even show his huge weight machine and demonstrate how it worked. They show long clips of all his movies then go to the Jackie Chan segment and show how he trains and they talk to him while he is running and doing his push ups. He shows how he trained for the movie "The Big Brawl". They interview Robert Clouse and he explains in English how easy it is to work with Jacky. They also show footage of his old movies like "Drunken Master". Good quality and sound.

-'93 Behind the Scenes of ETD/Japanese Mini-Bio(English/Japanese)11min

-This mini bio shows Bruce's roots in Wing Chun . In a segment called "Sword vs Staff" they explain how Bruce used his wing chun roots in his movies and training they talk about William Cheng who was his childhood friend. They show footage from the behind the scenes of Enter the Dragon. They show a segment where William is doing some "Sil lum Tao forms" and then show some rare stills of Bruce and Van Williams and footage of Bruce doing his two fingered push ups at the Longbeach tournament and of him walking to the center of the stage in his Black turtle neck long sleeve shirt and white pants. Also shows him doing his super fast back fist three times and the volunteer never blocks it. They show pictures of Sonny Chiba and Samo Hung and even Jhoon Rhee. Pretty good Quality and Sound.

-'75 La Legende de Petit Dragon (French)(A Terry Malloy Film) 31min

-This is a cool doc all done by Fellow Bruce lee collector in France and starts by showing a painter making a huge wooden bill board of Bruce in W.o.t.D. for then goes on to show footage from the talent held to find the best look a like for Game of Death where Linda Lee and Chuck are judging actors. Then it goes into the bio segment of the documentary by showing stills of all of Bruce's childhood movies. He goes on to show clips of his movies, TV shows, press conference footage in HK. He also pops in his tape of the Kato screen test. This doc ends with talking about his death. Pretty good quality and sound

*-'98 TV Special on Inosanto's Academy of Japan (Shows BL collection)45min

-This is being narrated in Japanese but interviews with Dan Inosanto are all in English. They show footage of him in Game of Death with Bruce and a lot of pics of Bruce and Dan working out. They show footage of Bruce in his backyard with students. Dan talks about how Bruce didn't want JKD to be a set style so they call them principals and concepts. The speak to some of Dan's students from Japan doing techniques such as ground fighting, locks and trapping. They show the students sparring and working out on Wing Chun dummies. Practicing slips and counters with focus gloves. This instructional video/documentary is very interesting to see how JKD has evolved and how they consider JKD to be more of a guideline instead of fixed style. They show a segment called "Basic combinations" for ground trapping and several locks in one continuous motion never letting go of your opponent on the ground while breaking and locking every time. This is a very good video for those who want to learn more on JKD concepts and techniques. It ends showing some actual matches in the ring and showing some of Dan's personal pictures and collection. Great Quality and sound.

'93 Fate of Dragons (Hong Kong) 58min collectors’ edition


-'96 Van Williams convention 30min

-This convention was held in California and filmed by a fellow fan/collector. He goes on to talk about his experiences with Bruce on the set of Green Hornet. He talks very profoundly about his friendship with Bruce. The fans there get to ask him some very interesting questions as well. Very informative interview. Pretty good quality and sound.

-’01 Safari Special "Kung Fu: The Animal Within" 50min Animal Planet

- This special TV show was aired in March 2001. It is based on the several animal Kung Fu styles. They interview several Kung Fu masters and show footage of people using the styles and then show the actual animals. They also show a small clip of Jackie Chan's (Drunken Master) and plenty of clips of old Kung Fu movies. It has a 2 minute segment on Bruce Lee. They show footage from the black & white Kato screen-test, clips of his movies, Green Hornet, and the Lost interview. This is a very informative show on Kung Fu's origin. Great quality and sound.

-‘99 Hollywood Screen-tests: Take One 60min AMC channel

- Narrated by Robert Culp, the show features 1964 test footage of a 24-year-old Bruce Lee, who exudes charisma during an interview and then demonstrates his martial-arts prowess on an unsuspecting studio executive. It also shows screen tests of James Coburn, Rock Hudson and others very good and informative. Great quality and sound.

-'98 Masters of the Martial Arts TV special 6min

- In this TV special they have a short segment to honor Bruce Lee. Shannon Lee gives a short thank you speech to the people of that special. They also show clips of all his movies and the Lost Interview. People in the audience where, Benny the Jet, David Carridine, Cynthia Rothrock, and Ron Van Clief. Quality and sound of this clip is very good.

-'93 “Exit the Dragon” A Current Affair TV News special 10min

- In this TV news special they talk to John Saxon, Lisa Griffen (Brandon’s Ex girlfriend) She talks about Brandon and her. Dave Carter (inside Kung fu editor) he talks about how Robert Lee told him that Bruce was murdered. They also talk to George Barris (Stunt Director) of the Black Beauty. They show clips of Bruce Lee movies and behind the scenes of Rapid Fire. Quality and sound of this clip is very good.

-'93 “The Curse of the Dragon” Local TV News special 10min 39seconds

-This special was done 5 weeks after Brandon Lee died. David Carridine talks about his “friends” Brandon and Bruce Lee. They show clips of Bruce’s movies and some pics of Bruce w/ Brandon. They ask people on the street about Bruce’s death and go more into detail on Brandon’s death. Quality and sound are very good.

-97 Inside Edition (Bruce Lee special) 6min

-This news TV special shows Robert Lee, John Saxon, Brandon Lee, Alex Ben Block, and Robert Clouse talking about Bruce’s death. They show footage from Bruce’s movies and some behind the scenes of Rapid Fire. Quality and sound are very good.

-'93 WOWOW Variety Show (Japanese TV)(Legend of Bruce Lee is back) 10min

- This is basically a short special that shows Bruce Lee clips from his movies and how he was huge in Japan. It is very rare and pretty cool. Quality and sound are great.

-'78 Game of Death Release Special (HK TV) 38min

- In this release special they go over the clips of Game of Death and talk about them it is all in Chinese but, they do interview Unicorn Chan and some other people. It is pretty good but, the quality is ok and the sound is good but, a rare find.

-'93 Did you know That? (Japanese TV) 60min

- This is a variety show that talks about different subjects and this time it was Bruce Lee movies. They show clips from all his movies and examine them but, it is all in Japanese. In this video they interview some actors from his movies. Great sound and quality.

*-'93 A Legend in the Making (English) 8.30min

- This is a great short behind the scenes bio that shows the making of E.T.D and is very well made. The interview Robert Clouse and other cast members. They explain the making of it and they also talk about Bruce. This is very rare and has great quality and sound.

*-'81 You asked for it! (World of Bruce Lee museum exhibit)USA channel 5min

- This is the episode from this TV show and it shows footage on the World of Bruce Lee museum that used to be open in Hollywood. It shows the original Jumpsuit used in the (remake)Game of Death and the a bunch of original Bruce lee stuff that was his. They also talk to Dan Inosanto.and he does some JKD moves. This is really rare and very good sound and quality.

-'88 Where are they now?(Van Williams discusses Bruce) 2,min USA&ET

- In this episode from TV news show ET. They talk about Van Williams and how is was in the Green hornet and what is was doing back then (this episode is from the 80's). He also talks about Bruce. The episode is good quality and good sound and very hard to get.

-'89 Entertainment Tonight “Profile” (Bruce Lee revisited) 3.45min USA & ET

- In this episode of ET they talk about Bruce and his legacy is still alive. They interview people like James Demile and how he thinks that Bruce was killed. They also talk to Betty Ting Pei and Bruce Lee's doctor and how he thinks that cannibas killed him. Good quality and sound.

*-'93 Inside Story (Bruce Lee 20 years after) 3.30min USA &ET

- In this last episode of ET, they talk about Bruce again and show the same clip of Demile and this time talk to Robert Lee. They also show some behind the scenes of "Dragon the Bruce Lee story" and talk to the director of the movie. They also interview Brandon and ask him about his fathers death mystery. Great quality and sound.

-'88 Check it out (Black beauty featured) 1.10min ET

- In this episode of ET, they talk about the black beauty and how it's most deadly weapon is actually the driver (Kato). This episode is good quality and good sound and very hard to get also.

*-'98 TV news spot on Japanese 25th Anniversary Event 3.30min Japanese TV

-This clip is all in Japanese but, really rare, funny, and interesting. They talk about the Bruce exhibit opening in Japan that day. They also show Linda and Shannon doing the opening ceremony. and they interview Linda and Shannon. This is really good quality and sound.

*-'86 Return of the Dragon Movie Special 8.40min KTVU

- In this very different Bruce Lee special. They talk about how 13years (at that time)Bruce still had a huge impact on the world. They basically just show clips from his movies and talk about how cool he was. And how they did such a ridiculous job on G.o.D.(they make fun of it). This has good quality and sound.

-'98 Remembering Bruce Lee (includes making of the 3d movie) 60min Japanese TV special

-This doc shows the making of the 3D animated 2 min clip that Shannon Ma made. Shows a lot of memorabilia that some collector has. This is a cool doc but quality is not very good and is all in Chinese but, does have captions in English. You can see the animated clip on

-'98 Evening Magazine (25th annv. of Bruce lee w/Taky)20min Seattle TV Channel

-This is from a Seattle TV news show and was taken on the 25th annv. of Bruce. And shows footage of the people that were there at his tomb on that day. Such as Taky and all of the Nucleus people. But, mainly they talk to Taky and he reflects on his moments with Bruce. Quality is not that good but, sound is very good.

-'95 Unsolved Mysteries"Unexplained death"Bruce &Brandon 15.30min USA/Lifetime Channel

- This episode talks about the deaths of both Bruce and Brandon. And shows how the death of Brandon was a mistake and takes you through the details of the event that caused his death. Quality is pretty good and sound is great.

-'79 Game of Death Premier in Hong Kong 1978 Japanese TV 72min

-this tape is really cool because it is like a documentary and premier special at the same time but, it is all in Japanese. They show clips from Game of Death as a teaser and it looks like they are comparing the movie to all the other Bruce Lee movies(since the beginning of G.o.D is from W.O.T.D). They do this through the whole special. They even show the inside of the Bruce Lee museum and they also show a bunch of guys in Game of Death jumpsuits working out. They interview Little Unicorn ,Nora Maio, Raymond Chow, and even Robert Clouse. Little Unicorn actually does a little presentation of some pictures that are displayed in the Bruce Lee museum. They also show the line of people waiting to get inside of the theater. After the movie is over they then interview the people coming out and ask them what they thought and some people speak in English. Sound and quality of this tape is pretty good.

-'80 Bruce Lee Workout 1&2 (w/G.o.D behind the scenes footage) All in Japanese 80min

- This doc is mainly to shows some guys demonstrating the JKD moves from the Bruce Lee books. It is really good because you get to see how those moves are applied. This also shows 5min of the behind the scenes footage of Bruce, Kareem, and James Tien working out some moves for the movie. In this rare footage it even shows Bruce slip on a side kick. Pretty good sound and quality.

Rare Bruce Lee footage

-* ‘2005 Kioko Game of Death Rushes 2 hours worth

- This is the most complete footage on Game of Death you will find, it has all the 97 minutes worth of footage but seperated into levels. It also has the out door footage, In between still shots and no good takes. It does have music playing in the background and is by far the best piece in my collection. This is a must have for all footage collectors and fans. Great quality and sound.

-Game of Death Dailies (out takes) 5min

-this clip is pretty much most of the footage already used in Artport and Warriors Journey and the Legend docs. It does have some new stuff I hadn’t seen so cool to have. It is all in color and 2min of it has no sound, the rest of it has some cool techno music and is from the Legacy of the Dragon UK doc. Quality and sound very good.

-*’66 Green Hornet out takes/Screen tests 40min

- These clips are from the special features in The Immortal Dragon UK 2002 Doc. It includes BOTH green hornet screen tests, with different characters playing the Green hornets. This video also shows GH out takes, there were quite a few scenes that needed to be re shot (called NG- no goods), you can see the clapboards. Very good quality and sound.

*-’66 "Kato" Screen Test/ Trailers/ unseen and unaired Green Hornet screen test 30min
- This video has it all, it shows the complete Black & White Screen test shown in portions on so many Bruce Lee bios. But this is from the master print so it's the best quality. It also shows the clips of the "Crossover episode" where the Green Hornet and Kato face Batman & Robin. Also includes Green Hornet trailers and some unseen Fox trailers, with a completely different opening scene for the Green Hornet TV show, redone to sell the show . Also included is the unaired Green Hornet screen test, with Bruce in costume to sell the show to ABC with a different Green Hornet and with them wearing cloth masks not plastic. Most of the video quality and sound is very good but, varies in some points.

*-’01 Missing segment “The Story” from UK version of A Warrior’s Journey 15min

-This is the missing segment that was only available in the UK versions of Warriors Journey and at that you had to look for it in the ester eggs. Well this segment talks about the original plot of G.o.D. It also shows the Hai Tien character and other fighters getting to the pagoda in a bus at that. They also show the Hai Tien character coming out of the pagoda at the end and being helped by the locksmith. This shows what it would have looked like if Bruce really had finished the movie. Great quality and sound

*-'98 Walt Missingham’s behind the scenes of E.T.D 20min

- This behind the scenes look of E.T.D was going to be used for the release of the 25th Annv. Edition. But, due to problems with Warner Bro’s, they left it out. This video shows some really rare footage of Bruce putting on the black Cat suit and shows a lot of cut scenes and alternate angles. It even shows outtakes of Mr. Han messing up his lines. This doc also interviews the cast and crew of E.T.D. This video has good quality and very good sound. total length 20min

*-'64 Wing Chun workout (Bruce & Taky all known footage) 6.30min

- This is the most you will ever see on Bruce and Taky working out in the Basement. It is really cool and hard to get. I am sure you have seen parts of it on other doc's. But, this is the most I have seen. the footage is also pretty clean and has no sound.

*-'69 Backyard workouts (all known footage on Bruce and his friends 85min

- this tape includes all known footage on Bruce working out with his friends including all the known footage of him with Taky, backyard workouts with Kareem,Ted Wong, Dan Lee, Dan Inosanto, James Coburn, Herb Jackson, and two other guys that names are not mentioned but he does call one guy Sam (Quan) and the other guy (Louis Delgado) seems to be a Karate or Tae Kwon-Do Practitioner. They are mostly all together working out at the same time at the same day and even shows Dan lee doing a Tai Chi form. and the karate guy doing a Kata. They work out with the kicking shields and punching bags. This tape also shows Bruce in the beach with Dan Inosanto and little Brandon working out and kicking, this also shows some very rare footage of George Yimm Lee and his wife and kids in the backyard with Bruce, Linda, and Brandon before Shannon was born. It also shows Bruce upset with Brandon for playing with the microphone when he and the guys are practicing. Overall quality is pretty good but, keep in mind this is from the '60s very rare and is mostly black and white. Some parts have sound and other parts don’t.

*-'72 Hong Kong TVB, JKD demonstration. 5min

- This is shown a lot on pics and a little on Death by misadventure. It is also the most complete footage I have seen on the demonstration performed by Bruce in HK. It shows Bruce breaking what looks like 5 boards dangling in the air and breaks all except one and then grabs it and holds it with one hand and just breaks it. And he also shows his one inch punch. He also shows his quickness in punching and kicking at some guy and he can't even block them. Also he brings out little Brandon and he punches Bruce in the stomach and in the hand. Bruce also breaks a really thick piece of wood.(looks like 5 boards stuck together). The quality is good and sound is great.

*- The Game of Death "Staycool Version" from Japan 35min

- all lost footage seen to date in sequence w/footage seen on original ‘78 version including extended outtakes, bloopers once you see this video you will understand the footage better and it will make sense. Quality is good and sound is great.

Bruce Lee TV Appearances

*- The Green Hornet Crossover Episode (Batman & Robin vs Green Hornet & Kato) 60 min

This is the famous episode that shows the Green Hornet & Kato vs Batman & Robin. This is the episode that Bruce did not want to loose against Robin and ends up in a treat rumored by the cast that Bruce was going to really hurt Robin. This is really hard to get and pretty good quality.

- The Green Hornet Movie Special part 1 "3 episodes" 90min

- This is a 3 episode special that was released as a movie in the theaters named "The Green Hornet". This includes the famous episode called Praying Mantis. Where Bruce has to fight aGung Fu man (Mako). Quality is good just a little dark .

- The Green Hornet movie special part 2 90min

- This tape is part two of the video series and was released in theaters as “fury of the dragon”. It includes 3 episodes put together to make a short movie. Quality is ok but, dark and sound is good.

*-'67 Ironside Episode "Tagged for Murder" 60min

- In rare episode Bruce is the son of a man that already died so they go to him for a clue to help solve the case. Bruce does some cool moves on an extra named (Gene Lebell). Quality and sound are very good.

*-'71 Longstreet "Way of the Intercepting fist" 50min

- This episode#2 first aired on 9/16/71 and Bruce helped Sterling Silliphant write this episode to show his true way of Martial arts. In this Bruce says his famous " be like water speech". And does some serious moves. Quality and sound are great.

*-'71 Longstreet "Spell Legacy like Death" 48min

- This is another great episode#9 that first aired on 10/21/71 with Bruce teaching James Franciscus how to "find the cause of his own ignorance". Great quality and sound.Very hard to find.

*-'71 Longstreet "Wednesday's child" 60min

- This episode#10 that first aired on 11/11/71. Bruce helps out in solving the crime. Great quality and sound and very hard to find.

*-'71 Longstreet " I see said the blind man" 48min

- This episode#12 first aired on 11/18/71. Bruce also helps out in solving the crime by showing James Franciscus to learn how to listen. This episode was recorded from TV and has good quality and sound. Very hard to find.

*-'69 Here Come the Brides (Marriage Chinese Style) 50min

- This is the very rare and hard to find. This is the first time Bruce is not fighting but, just acting. See Bruce riding a horse and having to swim to save a girl. Good quality and sound.

-'69 Marlowe 2 hours

- This video is very good and if you don't know already it is Bruce's only role as a bad guy.

It is with James Garner and this is where the famous scene of Bruce destroying Marlowe's office in less than a minute comes from. Great quality and sound.

*-'67 Milton Berle Show w/Kato & The Green Hornet (special guest Adam West)15 min.

-This is a very rare episode with a skit with Batman(Adam West),Bruce as Kato, &The Green Hornet (Van Williams). It has great sound and is pretty good quality considering the fact that it is from the '60s. It is also very funny. And Bruce does speak on this and does some "Gung Fu" Moves. This is very hard to find.

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Do you have this the video?

1991 World of Bruce Lee Museum Tour by Martial Club 2 hours

I Would really love to see this, I can't find it anywhere. I am from England.

Thank you

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